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In 2012, Open Sky’s owner Alex Ros decided to focus his extensive travel industry experience into one of his passions: photography. This has evolved into a thoughtfully-crafted collection of photography tours in select destinations—all developed via extensive on-the-ground scouting (even in countries we’d been to many times), countless hours of analyzing endless possibilities to find the most compelling yet logistically sensible, and carefully considering how light, timing, flexibility and pace are all factor in and are critical for this specialized travel experience. Groups are intentionally small, limited to 10 or 12 participants, and in most cases are accompanied by a professional photographer with extensive experience teaching their craft during travel.


In addition to the trips listed here, we also partner with camera clubs, photography stores/education centers, photographers with followings, and other private organizations to tailor exclusive experiences to their audiences. 




“The trip was absolutely wonderful! I couldn't imagine how Open Sky could possibly top last year in Morocco, but in many ways you managed to do it. The sights and experiences were so numerous and diverse, and all were a photographer's delight.”  – Wendy M.

“Amazing, can't use that word enough…..I don't think I have been on one that came close to this one.” – Jane T.

"You guys are simply the BEST. Thank you for an amazing, one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-forgotten, awesome, experience." – Sally S

“Morocco was absolutely flawless. Moulay was a delight, and so interesting and informative. He really let us into the Muslim world. Temu kept everything so organized, and running smoothly. He was also funny, and charming. Morocco was a very Magical and visual place, especially for photographers. David was excellent [as our photography pro], and even the best of us all learned from him.” - Tom L.

“The country is beautiful; the guide, tour operator and photographer were awesome.” - Joanne S.