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  1. Spend two nights relaxing, exploring, and photographing the countryside of Rajasthan at the luxurious Lakshman Sagar camp—an extremely rare opportunity, available only to very small groups.

  2. Immerse yourself in the holy city of Varanasi.  Live, experience and document this incredible site of Hindu pilgrimage.

  3. Explore and photograph both Old and New Delhi over two days.

  4. Spend 5 nights in two of Rajasthan’s cultural and civic jewels: Udaipur and Jaipur.

  5. Photograph the iconic Taj Mahal at both sunset and sunrise, enjoying this UNESCO World Heritage site in the best possible light.

  6. Visit and photograph Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and Jain monuments and sites. The rich religious history of India is as varied as its people.

  7. Learn from an experienced and well-traveled professional photography instructor with nearly 20 years of experience in India.

  8. Take advantage of the small group size (as low as 4, not higher than 10) to vastly improve your photographic skills with our instructor, David H. Wells.




  1. Anyone with an interest in photography & travel

  2. The only requirement is that you have a camera you can put in Manual Mode

       (i.e. control the shutter speed & aperture)


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The Capital of India, NEW DELHI

If trees and streets could talk, the stories that would pour out of Delhi would keep listeners mesmerized for years. You can get no better insight into the diversity of India than from its capital—where the old and new, cultural and contemporary, rural and urban, all blend harmoniously. While Old Delhi is a maze of narrow serpentine lanes lined with shops, the new city is a bustling metropolis, replete with shopping malls, and wide-open spaces.

VARANASI, the oldest continually occupied city on the planet.

Steeped in myths, legends and Hindu mysticism, Varanasi is one of the oldest living cities in the world, and one of the most important pilgrimage sites in India. Its principal attraction is the long string of ghats – steps, which lead down to the Ganges where devout pilgrims take a dip every morning.

The ultimate icon to romance, the TAJ MAHAL (whether at sunset or sunrise) is more compelling than can be imagined.

Known worldwide as the home of the Taj Mahal, Agra was the seat of the Imperial Mughal court during the 16th and 17th centuries, before the capital was shifted to Delhi. Located on the banks of the Yamuna and along the Grand Trunk Road, Agra flourished under the patronage of the Mughal emperors as a center of art, with each ruler creating a new school and form, and architecture – that borrowed inspiration from Persian, Islamic, Turkish, Byzantine and Indian styles.


The main gateway to the splendor and magic of Rajasthan is a labyrinth of fascinating bazaars, opulent palaces and historic sights. It is the first planned city of North India, which today is a unique synthesis of the traditional and modern. Providing a stunning backdrop to the Pink City are the ancient forts and palaces, which paint a dramatic picture of a bygone era.

UDAIPUR, The City of Palaces

The fairly-tale city, with its marble palaces and lakes, is surrounded by a ring of hills and dominated by the massive City Palace, which overlooks Lake Pichola with its romantic island palaces. Picturesque havelis and temples line the lakefront with the lively bazaars of the old walled city stretching behind them. The city’s inherent romance and beauty and its remarkable past continue to enthrall one and all.

February 9, 2019   Depart Home

February 10             Arrive Dehli

February 11             DELHI

February 12             DELHI

February 13             DELHI | VARANASI

February 14             VARANASI

February 15             VARANASI | AGRA

February 16             AGRA

February 17             Agra | FATEPUR SIKRI | Jaipur

February 18             JAIPUR

February 19             JAIPUR

February 20             Jaipur | LAKSHMANSAGAR camp

February 21             LAKSHMANSAGAR camp

February 22             Lakshmansagar | RANAKPUR | Udaipur

February 23             UDAIPUR

February 24             UDAIPUR | Dehli | onwards

February 25             Arrive home

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Otherwise, the group is small enough (limited to 10 participants) that we can cater to varying degrees of experience with photography. David Wells, our professional photographer and Open Sky’s Temu Nana—a photographer himself—will be with the group throughout the program providing individual hands-on guidance and instruction. 

© David H. Wells

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A Photographic Journey  |  February 9-25, 2019India.html

Limited to 10 participants

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