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Marvel at the majestic Northern Lights on a thoughtfully-designed itinerary in northern Norway, at an ideal time of year with sufficient darkness for the nightly spectacle, but also outside the depths of the winter. Compelling photography opportunities abound during both night and day.

We begin with several days out of the beautiful northern city of Tromsø, where we’ve allotted sufficient time to not only explore the city and its beautiful surroundings, but also importantly to adapt to potentially changing conditions for our night outings. Our local partners are true experts in photographing the lights. With intimate knowledge of the area’s geography and weather patterns, they will scour local forecasts and weather updates in advance so that even if it’s cloudy in Tromsø, we’ll know exactly where to go to search for open sky at night (as far as Finland if that’s what it takes; be ready for some adventure!). We’ll also teach you how to best use your camera to photograph the aurora, via a dedicated session with local experts. Time spent together processing images in Lightroom will also help in subsequent evenings.

We then embark on a deluxe cruise through the striking northern fjords of Norway towards one of the country’s most scenic destinations: the Lofoten Islands, where we’ll spend the next three days exploring its beautiful villages, rugged coastlines, and also photographing the lights at night in a truly striking setting.


Day 1 : Depart home

Day 2 : Arrive TROMSØ, Norway : Overnight in Tromsø

Day 3 : TROMSØ : Overnight in Tromsø

Day 4 : TROMSØ : Overnight in Tromsø

Day 5 : TROMSØ | Late night ship embarkation : Overnight aboard Hurtigruten boat

Day 6 : CRUISING THE FJORDS | Evening arrival in Svolvær : Overnight in the Løfoten Islands

Day 7 : LØFOTEN ISLANDS : Overnight in the Løfoten Islands

Day 8 : LØFOTEN ISLANDS : Overnight in the Løfoten Islands

Day 9 : LØFOTEN ISLANDS : Overnight in the Løfoten Islands

Day 10 : Løfoten Islands | Fly home from Leknes

OR: Continue to OSLO for an optional 1- or 2-night extension : Overnight in Oslo

Day 11: OSLO : Overnight in Oslo

Day 12: Fly home from Oslo


October 11-20, 2018

until the 21st with Oslo


October 20-29, 2018

until the 31st with Oslo

March 8-17, 2019

until the 18th with Oslo